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Ke (surname)

Ke is a transliteration of a common Chinese surname, written 柯 . It originally appeared on the Hundred Family Surnames, but as of 2006 was no longer one of the top 100 most common surnames.


There are several origins of this last name:
#the descendants of Duke Ke Lu of the State of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Period;
#the descendants of a tribe in Northern Wei Dynasty whose surname was originally Keba but was simplified to Ke;
#the descendants of the Qiang tribe or the Xianbei tribe with the last name Ke.

One website lists it as originating from the town of Han in Zhejiang Province while another states it originated in Jiyang Prefecture during the Jin Dynasty .

Prominent people with the family name 柯

*Ke Mengde, a Song Dynasty poet
*Ke Jiusi , a Yuan Dynasty officer
*Ke Qian, a Ming Dynasty scholar
*Ke Weizhen, a Qing Dynasty poet
*Blackie Ko Shou Liang , modern director, actor, stuntman.
*Alan Ke You Lun a Taiwanese singer and Actor; son of Blackie Ko Shou Liang.
*Thomas J. Christensen , Co-director of the Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs in the U.S. State Department .

Jin (surname)

Jin is a Chinese family name. It literally means "gold" and is No. 29 of the Hundred Family Surnames. The surname is also used in Vietnam and Korea, where it is pronounced Kim.

Jin is an ancient surname and is over 4000 years old. The surname was first mentioned during the period of the Yellow Emperor a legendary Chinese sovereign and cultural hero who is considered in Chinese mythology to be the ancestor of all Han Chinese. The legend behind the Jin surname is as follows.

When the Yellow Emperor's son Yi Zhi succeeded him, the day he was installed as leader, a golden phoenix flew down and perched on top of a house right opposite where he sat. His followers reckoned it was an auspicious beginning. They decided to use gold as the emblem of their tribe. Since he was their leader they titled him Jin Tian Shi and the name of their tribe was known as Jin Tian Tribe whose settlement was in Qufu . Yi Zhi died in 2515BCE. Some of his descendants adopted Jin as their surnames and left off the words Tian Shi .

The surname also appeared in an area called Pengcheng during the Han Dynasty . The present day location of Pengcheng prefecture is in Tong Shan Xian in Jiangsu province China.

Jin was among the surnames granted to the Kaifeng Jews by an unnamed emperor.

After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, many members of the imperial family changed their surname from the Manchu name Aisin Gioro to Jin. Aisin also means "gold" in the Manchu language.

In addition, Jin is a cognate of the , and is a common surname among ethnic Koreans in China.

Jin can also be other uncommon family names 靳 and 晉.

Jiang (surname)

Jiang can be a pinyin transliteration of one of several Chinese surnames:

#, Jiāng
# or 蒋 , Jiǎng
#, Jiāng


Branches of surname Jiangs include ,
Qiu and Shen.

Famous people surnamed 江:

*Jiang Qing , the third wife of Mao Zedong
*Jiang Zemin, leader
*March Fong Eu Kong , first Asian American woman elected to state constitutional office in US

Famous people surnamed 蔣/蒋/?:

*Chiang Kai-shek, President of the Republic of China Chinese Nationalist Party, Director General
*Chiang Ching-kuo, President of the Republic of China Chinese Nationalist Party, Chairman
*Chiang Wei-kuo, adopted son of Chiang Kai-shek and ROC politician
*Chiang Wei-shui, Taiwanese colonial resistance movement advocate
*Jiang Bingzhi, author better known as Ding Ling
*Jiang Menglin, Chinese educator
*Jiang Tingxi, painter
*Jiang Wan, Shu Han official
*Jiang Yanyong, Chinese physician

Famous people surnamed 姜/?:

*Jiang Ziya, Zhou dynasty
*Jiang Kui, composer
*Jiang Wei, general of Shu-Han.

Ji (surname)

Ji is the family name of the family in control of the Zhou Dynasty , which followed the Shang Dynasty and preceded the Qin Dynasty in China.

Thirty-nine members of the family ruled over China during this period.

Ji is a rare surname in China ever since it appeared. "Ji" literally means empress. Its originality dates back thousands of years. This surname was originally one the Yellow Emperor's surname, and although he had many sons to whom he could have passed the name to, he only gave the two chosen ones to possess this Ji surname. Not only this, one of the two sons that possessed this surname became the next emperor and passed this surname to only a few. The other sons all got different names such as , , , , , , and many others.

The emperor's surname cannot be used by people except royalty who received the emperor's approval. Hundreds of years later on, another emperor had the Ji surname, and all those who had this name had to change their name to something else other than Ji, thus people with this Ji surname is scarce.

Prominent People with surname 姬

*Royal Family of Zhou Dynasty
* Ji Jin-Chun born 1877 Governor of Rehe and Suiyuan 1921-28. Fought against the Russians and the Japanese.
* Ji Hen-gli, also known as Ji Hong-Chang.
* Ji Hong-Chang, born 1895 Governor of Ningxia. Army officer 1913-1933. Nationalist Party Member.
*Ji Pengfei, born 1910 a renowned official and senior member of the Chinese Communist Party.
* Ji Shende, his son
* Ji Yu-Tien, scholar born 1924
* Ji Tai-Yuan, son
* Ji Chao-zhu born July 30, 1929 retired PRC diplomat
* Ji Xiao-tan, son


Ji family brief history:, online encyclopedia English translation:


Jen might be:

*A Chinese name, a variant transliteration of ''rén'' , the .

*A diminutive form of the name .

;Famous people with this surname
*Chih-Kung Jen, Chinese-American physicist
*Mark Jen, U.S. computer specialist

;Famous people with this given name
*Jen Sorensen, U.S. cartoonist
*Jen Trynin, U.S. singer-songwriter
*Jen Wood, U.S. musician
*Jen-Hsun Huang, U.S. businessman

;Fictional characters
*Jen Masterson, character on ''6teen''
*Jen Scotts, Pink Time Force Ranger
*Jen , protagonist in 1982 film ''The Dark Crystal''

Huo (surname)

The Chinese surname Huo is an uncommon . The Putonghua version is pronounced Huo, while the version is pronounced Fok.

During Zhou Dynasty, King Wu awarded land to his brother, Shuchu at "Huo" and the descendants of Shuchu adopted "Huo" as their surname.

In mainland China, the most well known people with surname Huo are:
*Huo Qubing a Han Dynasty Chinese general known for his military prowess at an early age
*Huo Guang a Han Dynasty famous minister
*Huo Yuanjia a martial arts hero who is the main character of the movie Fearless
*Henry Fok Ying Tung a famous with the surname Fok.

Hua (surname)

Hua is a Chinese surname, which literally means prosper.

For example, the surname are born by
* Hua Loo-keng, a Chinese mathematician
* Hua Guofeng, a Chinese politician, born as ''Su Zhu''.