Monday, October 6, 2008

Wu (surname)

Wu is the Pinyin transliteration of the Chinese surname , , which is the in Mainland China. Several other, less common Chinese surnames are also translated into English as "Wu": , , , , and .

Wu is also the transliteration of the different Chinese surname 胡 , used in Hong Kong, and by overseas Chinese of Cantonese speaking areas of Guangdong, or Hong Kong origin. In , it is H?.

The name is also one of the most common surnames in Korea. It is spelled ? in Hangul and romanized O by the three major romanization systems, but more commonly spelled Oh in South Korea. Also in Vietnam, Ng?.

Famous people named Wu

*吳作棟 - Goh Chok Tong, fomer Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore, current Senior Minister of Singapore and the chairman of the central bank of Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore
*Melissa Wu,an Australian diver
*吳宇森 - , film director
*吳光正 - , Hong Kong entrepreneur, billionaire and politician
*吳邦國 - Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the of the National People's Congress of the PRC
*吳尊 - Wu Chun, Brunei-born actor, singer from Taiwanese band, Fahrenheit
*吳彥祖 - , Chinese actor
*吳振偉 - , from the 1st district of Oregon
*吳 - , science-fiction artist
*吳嘉文 - Wu Jia Wen, Notable Table Tennis Captain from Australia
*吳健雄 - Wu Chien-Shiung, Chinese scientist
*吳鑑泉 - Wu Jianquan , Taijiquan teacher
*吳景滔 - Wu, Jingtao, Ian, Chinese child actor from Hong Kong, Won Best Supporting Actor at the Taipei Golden Horse Awards in 2006
*伍连德 - Wu Lien-teh, Chinese physician and plague fighter
*吴立红 - Wu Lihong, environmental activist
*吳百福 - Momofuku Ando , Taiwanese-born Japanese inventor of instant noodles
*吳蠻 - Wu Man, ''pipa'' and ''ruan'' player
*吳三桂 - Wu Sangui Chinese general who supported the Manchus in their invasion of China after the fall of the Ming Dynasty in 1644. Later became a threat to the Manchu Qing dynasty during the Revolt of the Three Feudatories
*武松 - Wu Song, famous hero from the Chinese classic, Outlaws of the Marsh.
*吳天明 - Wu Tianming Chinese film director
*伍家球 - , science-fiction author
*吳儀 - Wu Yi, of the People's Republic of China
*伍子胥 - Wu Zixu, great general in the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history
*武則天 - Wu Zetian, Empress Wu Zhou of China
*呉子良 - Wu Ziliang, the birthname of a famous Chinese Japanese model named Emi Suzuki

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