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Han (surname)

Han is a common transliteration of the 韩 or 韓 and the . Han is based on and so used throughout Mainland China. Spelling can vary from 'Hon' in speaking areas to 'Hang' in Hainan. The Korean version is sometimes spelled 'Hahn'.

Less common surnames as Han include: 寒 and 汉 or 漢 .

Han is currently ranked 25th in China in terms of the number of bearers at around 8 million persons.

Four Chinese Origins of '韩'

From '姬' surname

'' is an ancient Chinese surname. It is the surname of the Yellow Emperor and the ruling family. King Cheng of Zhou's little brother Ji Wan '姬万' created the State of Han '韩国' . When this kingdom was destroyed, Ji Wan was granted the name Han Wuzi '韩武子' . Wuzi's descendant Han Jue '韩厥' adopts Han as a last name. Han Jue's 7th generation descendant created the during the Warring States Period. When the state was conquered by Qin in 230 BC, members of the ruling family adopted Han '韩' as their last name.

From the place Han Yuan '韩原'

King Cheng of Zhou's younger brother, Tang Shuyu '唐叔虞' , also known as the founder of the State of Jin, had a son who was named Jin Hou '晋侯' . Jin Hou's descendant, Bi Wan '毕万' , was assigned to Han Yuan. His descendants adopted Han '韩' as their last name.

From the transcription of non-Han names

Non-Han ethnic groups tend to adopt Chinese last names through the process known as sinicization.

During the reforms of , the Xianbei last name 'Dahan', 大汗 in Chinese, was changed to Han '韩' because the two names sound similar after 'Da' or '大' is dropped.

Manchu clan names Hacihuri '哈思呼哩' , Hangiya '韩佳' , Hanja '罕扎' , Hanyan '翰颜' , and Gilate '吉喇特' were changed to Han '韩'.

From given name to surname

The mythical Yellow Emperor had a son Chang Yi , who had a son with the given name Han Liu . Those who claimed to be Han Liu's descendants adopted Han as their last name.

Prominent people with surname 韩/韓

* Han Dang '韩当' - General of the Three Kingdoms period.
* Han Dongfang '韩东方' - Human rights activist.
* Han Fei '韩非' - Influential philosopher of the Warring States Period.
* Han Gan '韩干' - Tang Dynasty .
* Han Geng '韩庚' 'kr.??' - Member of the Korean boy band Super Junior.
* Han Hong '韩红' - Famous Chinese singer and songwriter.
* Han Lao Da '韩劳达' - Singaporean playwright.
* Han Meilin '韩美林' - Famous Chinese artist known for designing the Fuwa mascots for the 2008 Olympics.
* Han Shaogong '韩少功' - Writer.
* Han Shizhong '韩世忠' - A general of the Southern Song Dynasty.
* Han Xiaopeng '韩晓鹏' - Freestyle skier.
* Han Xianchu '韩先楚' - Chinese Communist Party .
* Han Xiangzi '韩湘子' - One of the Eight Immortals.
* Han Xin '韩信' - Famous Western Han general.
* '韩王信' - A descendant of kings of Han and general under Emperor Gao of Han .
* Han Yu '韩愈' - Revolutionary poet and philosopher.
* Han Zheng '韩正' - Mayor of Shanghai.
* Hon Sui Sen '韩瑞生' - Singaporean politician.

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