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He (surname)

He is the transliteration of several .
Of these family names, is the most common at 21st and is the second most common at 71st in the . Other less common family names include , , and .

A common alternative spelling of this surname is Ho, the Wade-Giles romanization and the romanization of several .


Notable people

* He Depu dissident in the People's Republic of China
* Ho Feng Shan was a Chinese diplomat who saved a large number of Jews during World War II, known as “China’s ”
* He Jifeng is a computer scientist
* He Kexin, Chinese gymnast
* He Ping film director
* He Pingping , one of the world's smallest men, from Inner Mongolia
* He Qifang a poet and essayist
* is a Chinese pipa player
* He Xuntian is a modern Chinese composer, famous his compositions for Dadawa
* He Ying is an athlete/archer from the People's Republic of China.
* He Yingqin was one of the senior generals of Kuomintang in during , and ally of Chiang Kai-shek
* Chinese rock musician
* He Zhi Wen is a - male table tennis player.
* solicitor and a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, is currently the secretary general of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China and the vice-chairman of the Democratic Party .
* Ho Ching is the executive director of Temasek Holdings and wife of Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong
* founding member of , a local pro-democracy political group.member of from 2000 to 2004
* Taiwanese American AIDS researcher famous for the use of protease inhibitors in treating HIV infected patients
* Hong Kong singer,
* Hawaiian musician and entertainer
* of the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
* Ho Fuk Yan teacher, Chinese language author and poet in Hong Kong
* Hong Kong-based best known for his "Ninja" films
* musician and
* singer and actress from Hong Kong
* , born in Hong Kong, is a in genetics and biophysics in the United Kingdom
* Ho Ping Taiwanese film director
* famous businessman and philanthropist in Hong Kong
* entrepreneur in Hong Kong and gambling magnate Macau.

Notable people with family name 贺/賀

* He Long
* He Weifang
* He Zizhen

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