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Feng is a Chinese surname. It is reported as the 31st most common Chinese last name in 2006. The character itself, is made up of the character for "" with an consisting of two strokes to the left that is meant to suggest speed or galloping.

Historical roots

The surname descended from the 15th son of King Wen of Zhou, Duke Gao of Bi , whose last name was . During the Spring and Autumn Period, an official of the Zheng kingdom, Feng Jian Zi was awarded the land of Feng . The Jin kingdom besieged Feng and gave it to Wei Zhang Qing. Thus descendants of Wei Zhang Qing also have the last name of Feng.

The surname originates from the southeast of Chang'an in Shaanxi Province.


English spelling variations include:
* Feng
* Fung
* Fong
* P?ng

In Vietnam, the surname Phùng was formerly written with the same character.

Notable people with the name Feng

*Feng Ba - "Emperor" of the state of Northern Yan
*Feng Feng - Long-time Hong Kong character actor
*Feng Gong - Chinese Xiangsheng performer
*Feng Guozhang - Chinese military officer and politician during Republican China
*Feng Hong - Last "emperor" of the state of Northern Yan
*Feng Kun - Chinese volleyball player
*Feng Xiaogang - Chinese film director
*Feng Yuxiang - Chinese warlord during the Republican China

Notable people with the name Fung

*Frederick Fung - Hong Kong pro-democracy politician
*Fung Chin Pang - Hong Kong comic artist
*Hernan Fung - Chinese martial artist/pressure points master
*Jim Fung - Hong Kong/Australian martial artist
*Lori Fung - Canadian gymnastics coach
*Cerezo Fung a Wing - Dutch footballer
*Stephen Fung - Hong Kong Actor/Writer/Director/Singer
*Victor Fung - Chairman of the Airport Authority Hong Kong
*Yuan-Cheng Fung - Modern scientist, regarded as the "Father of Bioengineering" and the "Founder of Biomechanics"

Notable people with the name Phùng

*Le Ly Hayslip
*Phùng H?ng
*Phung Khac Khoan
*Phung Thi Chinh

Notable people with the name Pang

* Alvin Pang , Singapore author

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