Monday, October 6, 2008

Han (name)

This is a list of people with Han in their name:

* , Taiwanese actress.
* Han Bennink, Dutch jazz musician.
* Han De, Wei officer
* Han Dongfang, Chinese human rights activist.
* Han Fei, Chinese philosopher who developed the Chinese philosophy of Legalism.
* Han Fu, Chinese bureaucrat during the late Eastern Han Dynasty.
* Han Gan, Chinese painter of the Tang Dynasty.
* Han Hao, probably a Chinese officer who served under Cao Cao.
* Han Hoogerbrugge, Dutch digital artist.
* Han Ji-min, actress.
* Han Juzi, Chinese officer who served under Yuan Shao.
* Han Kulker, Dutch middle distance runner.
* Han Kuo-Huang, Chinese-born American ethnomusicologist.
* Han Mahmud, a Kurd lord.
* Han Shaogong, prominent and innovative Chinese writer.
* Han Sui, military leader of the Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of China.
* Han Tuozhou, Chinese statesman of the Southern Song Dynasty.
* Han Xianchu, general of the Chinese Communist armed forces.
* Han Xiang, one of the Eight Immortals.
* Han Xiaopeng, Chinese freestyle skier and Olympic gold medalist.
* Han Xin .
* Han Xin, Chinese general.
* Han Xuan, governor of Changsha during the Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of China.
* Han Yin.
* Han Yong-un, Korean Buddhist reformer and poet.
* Han Yu, poet.
* Han Zhangluan, official of the Northern Qi Dynasty of China.
* Han Zheng, mayor of Shanghai.
* Han Zhong, probably a high-ranking Chinese general of the Yellow Turbans.
* Hon Sui Sen politician .
* Jeen Han a.k.a. Gina Han, and Sunny Han, of the Han twins murder conspiracy.
* Jefferson Y. Han, research scientist.
* Jiawei Han, computer scientist.
* Keiko Han, Japanese voice actor.
* Mei Han, Chinese musician.
* Raymond Han , an American/Hawaiian painter
* Tian Han, Chinese playwright, best known for writing the lyrics of the "March of the Volunteers".
* Yuny Han, South Korean actress.
* Zhang Han, Chinese general of the Qin Dynasty.


* Han Solo, a character in the ''Star Wars'' universe
* Han Tzu , a member of Ender's jeesh in the ''Ender's Game'' series by Orson Scott Card
* Han Qing-jao, a major character in the novel ''Xenocide'' of the ''Ender's Game'' series by Orson Scott Card
* Han Fu , a character in the 14th century novel ''Romance of the Three Kingdoms'' by Luo Guanzhong
* Han Tao, a character in ''Water Margin''

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