Monday, October 6, 2008

Gao (surname)

Gao is a Chinese family name. There are approximately 16 million living people with this surname. In some places, such as Taiwan, usually romanize this family name into Kao.

Pronunciations in Han dialects

Origin and branches

Not all the Gao surnames people are from the same tribes or vicinity. Various Gao surnames include:
*The most ancient Gao clan
*From Jiang , a branch of Yandi
*Some Baipu people
*The royal family clan of Northern Qi
*Other branches



* Gao Wei
* Gao Huan
* Gao Jixing
* Gao Ling
* Gao Cheng
* Gao Song
* Gao Shuying
* Gao Heng
* Gao Yanzong
* Gao Qiu
* Gao Xingjian,2000 Nobel Prize in Literature
* Gao Yisheng
* Gao Yun
* Gao Shaoyi
* Gao Anagong
* Gao Min
* Gao Jiong
* Gao Shilian
* Gao Shun


* Ping-Tse Kao
* Min Kao

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