Monday, October 6, 2008

Hu (surname)

Hu is a Chinese surname. It is the 15th most common surname in China, according to a study published in 2006.

The spelling Hu can be used by numerous less common Chinese family names including but not limited to 瓠,護,戶,扈,虎,呼,忽,斛 etc.


Non-Chinese peoples in China sometimes took the name of their ethnic group as surname. The best example is Hu , which was also used to refer to all "barbarian" groups on the northern frontier of China in ancient times. In addition, some adopted Chinese surnames that sound similar to their name, such as Hu for Hussain.

Notable people

*Hu Jintao, the current President of the People's Republic of China
*Hu Bin, freestyle swimmer
*Hu Shih, writer and scholar
*Ho Chi Minh, pseudonym of the first leader of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as well.
*H? Xu?n H??ng, Vietnamese poet
*Hu Yaobang, PRC leader
*Hu Qiaomu, prominent politician of the People's Republic of China
*Hu Qili, prominent politician of the People's Republic of China
*Hu Bei-Lok, theoretical physicist specializing in and spacetime
*Kelly Hu, American
*Richard Hu, former Finance Minister of Singapore
* , chairman of the board of Hong Kong-listed Asian infrastructure firm Hopewell Holdings Ltd.
*Hu Zaobin , Early 20th century Chinese painter, famous for painting tigers

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